Custom Design Process



Inspire  {Consultation}

At Little Birdie, we know that you are looking for the perfect way to express your own unique vision on paper.  That is why we begin each client relationship with a complimentary personal consultation.  This lets you get to know and feel comfortable with us and, more importantly, allows us to understand your style, taste and personality so we can turn your vision into stationery that is a true reflection of you!

Prior to our first meeting, Little Birdie will send you an introductory packet and questionnaire for you to complete and bring to the initial consultation.  The time for the initial consultation can vary, but will usually last from one to two hours.

Design  {Proposal}

If, after our initial, meeting you decide you would like Little Birdie to create a proposal for your custom stationery, a  non-refundable design fee will be due.  This one time fee, the amount of which is dependent on your project type,  will secure your event date on our production calendar and allow Little Birdie to begin the design process. 

Within two weeks of the initial consultation, Little Birdie will prepare a proposal for your custom project including digital renderings, alternative design suggestions (e.g. paper, embellishments, orientation, wording, and fonts) and an estimated project quote. No proposal is final; Little Birdie views the proposal process as your opportunity to be invested in the design process. Open dialogue ensures maximum satisfaction and we welcome your input throughout this entire process. 

Create  {Production}

Once you decide on a direction for your custom project, we will enter into a written agreement to produce your stationery.  A deposit of 50% of the total project quote is due upon signing.  This allows us to immediately order the high quality materials we use to produce your perfect stationery!  If, however, you decide not to work with us prior to our ordering your materials, you will receive a complete refund of your deposit less the non-refundable design fee.  Because we order our materials especially for your project, we are unable to offer refunds once materials orders have been placed. 

Materials orders are generally placed after creation of an initial design proof.  The proof will be sent to you electronically for your review and for any editing you may desire.  You will be given three separate opportunities to edit the proof to ensure your approval on all final copy, punctuation, spelling, dates, fonts, and layout.  The first and second edits are your opportunity to make critical design (excluding changes to paper type) or text modifications.  The third edit is considered the final proof, which must be signed and returned to Little Birdie. Your remaining balance is due at the time of proof approval.  Clients are responsible for the expense of any changes made after approval of the final proof.   Additional edits requiring new proofs will cost an additional $25.00 each.  

Once A final proof is approved full production beings and this is where the magic happens!